The NAF Roundtable is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information for the social, economic and political empowerment of Africans in South Florida and their home countries. It will feature regular workshops, information sessions, symposia, exhibitions, lectures and activities facilitated by resource persons, governments and organizations on invitational basis.

Key Objectives

• Enable Africans in South Florida to succeed through professional development and peer learning, and advisory services and advisory services.
• Provide assistance to emerging African professionals and companies, serving as a forum for business leaders to study issues, exchange ideas, develop mentoring relationships, and develop positions and solutions to problems of mutual concern.
• Serve as a forum for its members, promote the establishment of business relations among them and encourage the formation of joint ventures.
• Champion skills acquisition and access to timely information by members and their associates to enhance their socio-political and economic advancement in South Florida.
• Capture and document emerging knowledge in order to educate the market about business communities and their value.
• Promote wider awareness of Africa’s business, investment and trade potential.

How can you help?
You can help by attending the sessions, inviting others to attend, while volunteering your talents, contacts and resources to make the program a success.

Volunteering Your Talent/Contacts:

What is your area of expertise? Are you in possession of information or resources or know someone with expertise/resources that could benefit your fellow Africans in South Florida? If yes, you can facilitate or volunteer a facilitator for one of our sessions.

Investing Your Resources:

Are you personally interested in helping others? Do you own a business? Are you well-placed as a decision-maker in an organization or business interested in African issues or with deep roots in the African community? You or your organization can help by being a sponsor!



- Reaching Out
- Building Bridges
- Strengthening Community Relations
- Educating and Informing
- Providing Assistance and Support