Goals and Objectives.

To promote unity and cooperation within the Nigerian-American community.
To encourage and improve the community lifestyle and well-being of Nigerian-Americans.
To promote the social and cultural values of Nigeria in the United States.
To provide value-added services, with emphasis on Education, Health, Employment, Housing, Social Wellness, Recreation, and Faith.
To build bridges between the Nigerian-American community and other local communities in the spirit of mutual friendship, collaboration, and mutual respect.

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Become a member of Nigerian American Foundation (NAF) and start making a difference. We welcome individuals and their families. We also welcome corporate and organizational subscriptions.

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Simply download the proper membership application form, complete it and mail or email to the addresses shown on the form with your membership dues.

Membership Type and Dues

Individual Membership: $150.00 per individual or $200 per married couple per annum

Student Membership: $50.00 per annum

Organizational Membership: $250.00 per annum

Membership forms

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Membership Benefits

• Annual celebration of Nigeria's Independence

• All Nigeria Cultural Festival

• The NAF Roundtable

• NAF Annual Lecture

• NAF Socials

• NAF Health Fair

• Family picnics in collaboration with ethnic associations

Other Benefits

• Public advocacy, symposia and town hall meetings on issues of importance to Nigerian communities

• Life Insurance

• Health and Beauty Fair

• Group Life Insurance

• NAF Summer Camp

• Linkage to community resources for individuals and businesses

The Nigerian American foundation is dedicated to catalyzing positive social and economic change and building a lasting bridge between the united states and Nigeria