Nigerian American Foundation Bylaws NAF Bylaws

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• Mission Statements.
• Non-Profit Purposes.
• Memberships.
• Voting.
• Special Meetings.
• Agenda.
• Commitees.
• Elections.

Nigerian American Foundation Constitution NAF Constitution

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• General Provisions.
• Main Organs.
• Memberships.
• Membership Categories and Membership Fees.
• Membership Dues.
• Donations.
• Organizational Membership Delinquency.
• Board of Directors.
• Powers of the Board of Directors.
• Executive Council.
• Office of the President.
• Manner of Elections.
• Term.
• Board of Advisors on Cultural and Community Affairs (Bacca).
• Powers and Functions of the Board of Bacca.
• Bacca Discipline/Removal from Office/Vacancy.
• Ethics.
• General Meeting.
• Commitees.
• Amendments.
• Miscellaneous.
• Acknowledgement.

• To provide value-added services, with emphasis on Education, Health, Employment, Housing, Social Wellness, Recreation, and Faith

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